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Mopar A/C Recharge Service

A/C Recharge Service at Scott Robinson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Torrance CA

Did you just find out that your vehicle’s air conditioner is blowing out hot air? The likely culprit is a worn connection or line, allowing the vital refrigerant to leak. The only way to restore that arctic breeze blowing from the vents is with an A/C recharge service. We can inspect for leaks, fix worn components allowing refrigerant to escape, and recharge the refrigerant to specifications.

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Automotive Air Conditioning System Overview

The air conditioning system in your vehicle is closed and relies on refrigerant to cool ambient air. If you turn on the A/C and it blows out hot air, a hose or connection leak is the probable cause of the poor performance as the refrigerant is too low to be effective. The smallest cracks will allow refrigerant to escape and will render the air conditioner worthless. The good news is that we can fix the problem with an A/C recharge service at Scott Robinson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Torrance, CA.

Reasons to Not Top Off Low Refrigerant with a Do-It-Yourself Kit

Beyond the fact that installing aftermarket refrigerant will not fix the leak causing the problem, there are several other reasons not to do this yourself:

  • Factory Specifications – getting service done at a Mopar certified service department guarantees the result; doing this yourself is unreliable, to say the least, and is not according to factory specifications.
  • Safety – with multiple lines and ports, trying to install refrigerant on your own is a safety risk as the system is under pressure; leave this to the certified technicians that follow the manufacturer’s service protocol.
  • Refrigerant – there are multiple refrigerant types, but only one is approved for use in your specific model. Since installing the wrong refrigerant can lead to big problems, it is sound judgment to allow a certified technician to install the recommended refrigerant.
  • Quality – would you rather install refrigerant of unknown origin from a company that sells this to all vehicles, or would you rather install refrigerant of the highest quality specifically recommended for your vehicle? The only way to preserve quality is with Mopar certified service and parts.
  • Warranty – installing aftermarket refrigerant can void existing warranties.


What Happens During A/C Recharge Service?

The air conditioning system is connected to our computerized refrigerant recharge equipment operated by a certified technician. We will inspect for leaks and provide repairs as needed to close the system. If a leak is not readily identified, we will pressurize the system and continue looking for leaks. If we find the leak at this point, repairs will be needed to the line or connection. Once the components are at specifications, the technician will install refrigerant to factory specifications.

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