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Battery Check Service

Why Scheduling a Periodic Battery Check is a Good Decision

Have you ever been stranded because of a dead battery? If so, chances are that it was an inconvenience and perhaps even a costly experience. You should maintain a car battery with the proper voltage to avoid unfortunate experiences such as being late for work, paying towing charges, or missing important appointments. The good news is a weak or discharged battery can easily be prevented.

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Car Battery Check Explained

The first thing that occurs with a battery check is ensuring that the battery cables are securely tightened and removing any built-up acid corrosion. The battery check involves using a standard computerized multimeter to assess the “current state” of the car battery voltage. This assessment is vital to know how the car battery is performing under various loads such as the car lights, wiper blades, or when you’re playing the radio or using other accessories. A fully charged battery should test at 12.6 volts in the parked position and 13.7 to 14.7 volts while the engine is running. Therefore, a battery charge may be necessary.

Multiple Reasons for a Battery Inspection

The primary role of the battery is to start your engine. But a dead battery can affect electrical components such as your navigation system and other computer-based accessories. These accessories may malfunction and need recalibrating to operate effectively. Another important reason is that battery health can deteriorate because of acid corrosion without you even knowing. Once acid corrosion builds up, it can interfere with the battery terminal and cable connections, which gradually leads to a weak battery, and ultimately, being unable to start your engine.

Regular Battery Maintenance

The industry standard for a routine battery check is every 12 months. However, a battery check should also be scheduled if your engine hesitates to start. This could be a sign that the battery is weakening, and it should not be ignored.

Other symptoms that may indicate a car battery check is needed include:

  • Dimmed Headlights
  • Rotten Egg Smell Underneath the Hood
  • Illuminated Dashboard Battery Light

Although you can have a jump-start to get your engine started, a battery with a dead cell is useless and needs to be replaced. A battery charge will not be sufficient.


Scott Robinson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Center Can Help

Our commitment is to ensure that drivers in Torrance, CA, and surrounding areas like Redondo Beach, Carson, Gardena, and Long Beach, receive service that can be depended on. So, when it comes to having a battery check, you can depend on us to make certain that it’s high-quality and accurate service. Our certified technicians are exceptionally skilled in detecting the root cause of having a weak battery and perform the service with a high level of efficacy. Contact us for an appointment, or use our online service scheduler. For your convenience, we have Saturday service hours and an Express Service Center.

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